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Ludwig Educational Percussion

See the full representation of combo kits, drum kits, xylo-kits, bell kits and mallets from Ludwig and Musser.

  • Bell Kit with Rolling Bag Components: 2.5 Oct. (F – C) Aluminum Bells, Tunable Practice Pad, Combination Stand, Sticks, Mallets,…
     Model M652RBR Bell Kit
    Combo Kit with Rolling Bag Components: 3x13" Wood Snare Drum, 2.5 Oct. (F – C) Aluminum Bells, Tunable Practice Pad, Combination…
     Model LE2483RBR Combo Kit
    Drum Kit with Rolling Bag Components: 5x14" Metal Shell Snare Drum, Rubber Practice Pad, Snare Stand, Sticks, Durable Rolling…
     Model LE2477RBR Drum Kit

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Student Model Instruments

Student instruments are designed to match affordability with the best in musical performance.

Step-Up Model Instruments

Step-up or intermediate instruments provide additional keys and features that vary by instrument type. These added features take the one-time beginning musician to the next musical level.

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